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Pocket Cloth Diapers Explained

What exactly is a pocket cloth diaper?

First, a pocket cloth diaper is composted of two distinct pieces.  One piece comprises the outer layer and typically made from a waterproof PUL.  The inner layer is comprised of a soft fleece or cotton to prevent rashes and contains a pocket to hold inserts.

A pocket cloth diaper is very similar to a "All in One" diaper, whch has an absorbable liner sewn into the diaper.  Pocket cloth diapers don't have a sewn in soaker, but have the pocket to which we referred to earlier, which is designed to hold a absorbable insert.  The result of this pocket is that the insert can be removed and washed separately from the diaper.  Also, the pocket allows for parents to double or even triple up on the liner to help aid absorbency, especially for overnights or long days where it is difficult to constantly change a baby.

Pocket cloth diapers typically fasten with buttons or velcro.  Buttons seem to be the fastener of choice because they make it more difficult for a fussy baby to unfasten.  Velcro cloth diaper closures are a bit easier to rip off.

Finally, most pocket cloth diapers are size adjustable making them viable options from birth to potty training.  Many pocket cloth diapers will fit babies anywhere from 8-35+ pounds, making them the most economical cloth diaper available.